Kevin M. Rollin has experience representing clients in all stages of state-court litigation, including trials and appeals. He is a practical, diligent, and relentless advocate. Whether in court or acting as a legal counselor, Kevin utilizes a combination of thoughtful preparation, creative problem solving, and steadfast integrity to achieve optimal results. Kevin’s goal is to empower his clients so that they may take charge and overcome adversity with direction and purpose.

Kevin concentrates his practice on complex family law; child-related litigation; business litigation; mortgage and title insurance related litigation; general civil litigation; and appeals. Kevin is also a skilled draftsman and negotiator of prenuptial agreements, business contracts, and other agreements.

Kevin is also a husband, father, Rotarian, native Floridian, and martial artist who enjoys the outdoors, economics, politics, shooting sports, and good conversation. After working as a mortgage loan officer in Jacksonville, Florida, Kevin attended law school at Mercer, University in Macon, Georgia. Kevin is also licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia and has family in the Atlanta area.